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44 White Block Reclosable Bags Styles To Ship Today
White Block Reclosable Bags

Making Organization Easy                                  

Nothing hinders productivity more than a mess. If you need help with organization around the office or at home, Paper Mart has a great solution. Our selection of white block reclosable bags is useful for storing items and helps you keep things organized.

Like the other reclosable bags we offer, these are made from transparent, 100% high-clarity polyethylene film, so you can inspect and organize them easily. These bags also have a solid white writing block that is compatible with any pen, ensuring easy labeling. With these bags, you can organize more efficiently than with other poly bag varieties.

The white block reclosable bags we offer include a built-in closure system so you can seal them without needing tape or twist ties. Whether you choose the two or four mil thicknesses, you can be confident that our tight, leak-proof seals will keep whatever you store in them safe from contamination or spoiling.

Rated for Food Storage

Beyond helping you organize, these poly bags are also great for food storage. The white block reclosable bags we offer meet FDA and USDA specifications for food contact and safety. Use them to store leftovers in the fridge or to protect food you bring to work. Try our reclosable bags for tightly sealed, food safe storage. Shop with Paper Mart today.