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Mini Paper Roses
Mini Paper Roses
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Paper Flowers
At first glance, paper flowers look just like the real thing. This makes them a great option for a huge variety of craft and decorating applications. With 40+ varieties to choose from, you can pick out a rose paper flower style that’s perfect for your unique project. We have paper roses with or without stems, as well as paper wildflowers in many different colors.

Unlike real flowers, the paper variety will never turn brown or dry up, remaining beautiful for a long time to come. You can even reuse them to create new arrangements or start a new project!

Our rose paper flower styles are ideal for:
  • Creating homemade wedding bouquets, hair accessories, or décor
  • Designing permanent flower arrangements for offices, hotels, or spas
  • Making breathtaking centerpieces for special dinners, or romantic evenings
  • Adding an interesting finishing touch to upscale commercial packaging
  • Holiday décor, such as wreaths, garlands, and arrangements
  • Designing floral jewelry
  • Creating amazing gift wrap for your most special presents

Commercial Packaging: Paper Flower Styles You Need

If you make an upscale product with a touch of femininity, such as perfume, jewelry, or scented candles, a rose paper flower might be the perfect finishing touch for your packaging. The way a product is displayed makes a big difference when it comes to sales, so show off your product with the pretty packaging it deserves.