Tulle – What is Tulle? An explanation of Tulle

Tulle Tulle is a popular netting made from silk, nylon or rayon and is used for a variety of purposes.

Tulle fabric is used for clothing items including skirts, dresses (including wedding dresses), coats, bed skirts, bows and jackets. Tulle netting is also popularly used in veils and tutus. Tulle comes in a wide variety of colors and can be easily dyed.
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Tulle Fabric
Tulle Fabric is popular due to its many applications. Because of its physical properties, Tulle can be used for a variety of purposes; this includes giving a floating or lacy look. It is often used in petticoats or underskirts to create a bell-shaped image. Tulle fabric can even be used in things like insect control (the material can be stretched out to create a net that’s strong enough to keep from collapsing but open enough for breathability).
Tulle Netting for Decoration
Decorations are another common use for Tulle netting. Wedding decorations are among the more applicable and popular among these. Tulle wedding decorations include flowers, ribbons and wedding dresses. Tulle netting can even be used for bagging, and are quite popular for other festivities including birthday parties. Many restaurants use tulle decorations as well.
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