Bubble Mailers Bubble Mailers is an excellent option when mailing fragile items. They are both resilient and lightweight and this helping reduce the cost of shipping. Bubble mailers can also be used as protective covers for CDs, DVDs and folders. These mailers can even consist of a fancy metallic exterior.

Paper Mart carries Bubble Mailers of several types:
Paper Mart Brand Bubble Mailing Envelopes
Bubble mailing bags are the least heavy cushioned shipping bag made. Through lowered postage costs due to their lightweight nature, these bubble mailers more than pay for themselves.
These bubble mailers boast a tough air bubble lining covered with resilient, goldenrod Kraft paper. Also known as bubble envelopes or padded envelopes, these bubble mailers close quickly using a self-sealing adhesive strip.
White Plastic Bubble Mailing Envelopes
These bubble mailers boast a clean looking white exterior and gray exterior. These water-resistant, tear-proof, plastic envelopes also have an extra smooth surface that is perfect for labeling.
Jiffy® Bubble Mailing Envelopes
Jiffy® bubble mailers are the standard for cushioned shipping bags. Bubble mailing bags are the lightest type of
cushioned shipping bag made and are great for keeping shipping costs down.
Glamour Metallic Bubble Mailing Envelopes
These bubble mailers comes with a flashy mirror metallic exterior with a protective bubble wrapped silver interior.
Glamour Metallic bubble mailers are ideal for CD, DVD and other discs, especially as gifts.